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Invisalign to the Rescue – Dr. Shanaz

Invisalign to the Rescue – Dr. Shanaz

When I first met Mr. Chen he was not-so friendly, nervous and defensive with his speech. As a project leader he always had to be tough and strict. He rarely smiled and feared whenever he exposed too much of his teeth when talking. Obviously, Mr.…

The Story of a Beautiful, White Smile- Dr. Adyan

The Story of a Beautiful, White Smile- Dr. Adyan

There was one patient of mine who walked shyly into my room. I asked her how I could help her out, she right away answered that she needed veneers for her front teeth and some replacement for her missing teeth. She was aware that when…

Frenectomy and dental gap closure: Dr Mawarni

Frenectomy and dental gap closure: Dr Mawarni

Zaf is known for her severe anxiety when it comes to doing dental treatment.

Her sister however was very optimistic. Iqa was a medical doctor. She resigned early due to medical reason. Iqa was also a regular dental patient of ours. She never missed her 6 months dental scaling.

One day, she dragged her anxious sister, Zaf to come for scaling. Zaf sensitivity level was very high. She requested to have all her teeth numb before proceeding with scaling. She just could not tolerate pain. So, I followed her wishes and do the scaling as gentle as possible.

Whilst in treatment, Iqa was her greatest supporter. She kept giving words of encouragement throughout the treatment procedure. She was a great cheer leader! I told Zaf that she was lucky to have such a supportive sister =).

After that incident, Zaf gained more courage to do dental treatment. She had been longing to have her front middle gap to be closed. She complained that her front teeth were jutting out too.

Zaf’s smiles before any treatment was done.

I gave 2 options for her to choose. The first option was to close the gap with composite. The other option will be wearing braces to realign all of her teeth.

She chose to close the gap with composite as it was the fastest ,simplest and affordable procedure.

Note the large frenum in between the middle teeth. There was no space for her to brush the area without causing trauma to the frenum. Hence, removing it was really necessary.

The unique thing about her case was because there was a very strong labial frenum in between the 2 teeth. I believe the gap existed due to the strong muscle pull.

Removal of the labial frenum is essential to allow her to keep the area clean and for optimum gum health.

Zaf’s smiles after treatment

So, I did frenectomy of labial frenum using laser and close the middle gap. The treatment was done in a single visit.

After 2 weeks, the wound at her frenum had completely healed.

2 weeks after frenectomy treatment.

Zaf was really happy with the outcome. She feels like the front teeth were not as jutted out as before even though the teeth were not moved like braces.

I am grateful that she managed to overcome her anxiety. As a result, she also got her life changing smile. No more shy to talk or smile =).

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Raya smile for Ara: Dr Mawarni

Raya smile for Ara: Dr Mawarni

As a young, vibrant and successful career woman, Ara felt her life was still incomplete.  She was unhappy with her uneven and discoloured front teeth. “I just want to know what can be done to improve my smile,” she said as she pointed to her…

Smiling can do wonders to your life: Dr Mawarni

Smiling can do wonders to your life: Dr Mawarni

Aini is getting conscious of her smile more than ever before. As she reached 50 this year, she feels a sense of wanting to look better and took greater care of herself. She values one smile and thought that it is one of the ways…