Month: February 2012

Shafiq’s Valentine’s Day smile

Shafiq’s Valentine’s Day smile

Shafiq is a professional photographer. In his job, I imagine, looking at faces and capturing smiles is an every day affair! Shafiq didn’t like his own smile though. His front teeth had a slight gap and the lateral incisors were just a little crooked. His

Haslina walks into the clinic for her new smile

Haslina walks into the clinic for her new smile

Haslina works in the collection department of Hong Leong Bank. One day, as she walked past us on her way to the medical clinic next door to us, she noticed our signage for the blog. Curious, and wanting to do something for her smile, Haslina

FR drives up from Johor Bahru

FR drives up from Johor Bahru

FR before our magic

FR was surfing the web and found this blog. He immediately emailed us saying he had crooked teeth and wanted a makeover/whiter smile but didn’t want to ages for results.

We set up a consultation time … putting aside an hour as he said he may want to do it in the same visit if his budget permits.

He came in yesterday saying he just drove in from JB!

FR asked me what I could do for him …

I took a deep breath and said I could look at the treatment from 2 angles:

  • 1. From the angle of a specialised doctor where I’d tell him his ideal treatment plan which would involve a lot of fancy procedures and impress/confuse him with a lot of important, clever words. Most jargon “gobblygook” he won’t understand (and may be too shy to ask) but because it sounds so clever, he’d be impressed.


  • 2. I’d tell him what I can do based on what I think he wants … straight looking teeth and a nice smile! 😉
There's a tooth hidden and chipped front teeth

I told him I was going to talk to him from the second angle … from what works for him!

With that set, FR and I discussed the treatment plan … I suggested we sort out the front teeth first and work on the other side later … and I said it would take just 4 composite veneers but we need to remove the canine …. and I promised no pain!

FR laughed and said, “Yes! Let’s do it!” when I told him the cost.

We worked whilst chatting about work and it turned out that Faizal had consulted other dentists and to my surprise told me that the reason why he drove up from JB was because he had the exact experience I described when we first discussed the treatment plan!

A transformed smile!

All the dentists he consulted told him that the ONLY way was to have braces done and it would take several years … none had offered an alternative which would sort out his concern immediately.

Worse still, he had the experience that the treatment plan they offered was non-negotiable, take-it-or-leave-it, I-know-best sort of conversations.

Wow! I always felt that doctors/dentists would make their patients feel so much better heard, if they actually discuss things with patients … and really, really listen.

Before long FR was ready for the mirror ……

What a different smile

He broke into a huge smile and said, “Wow! I can hardly believe this!”

He was so happy that he decided to do the other side too … after all he drove all the way from Johor Bahru .. that’s 500 km!

The Team went back into action and prepared to do the immediate bridge.

This procedure took a little longer … we didn’t think we were going to do both sides or we would have done the preparations simultaneously … no problemo! The Team were happy to do it for FR.

And once the temporary bridge was cemented, FR was even happier! Now his smile was totally transformed! …. We did it!!


We printed out all the photos for his makeover albums to take back with him.

As he left, I reminded FR to resist looking into the rear vision mirror all the time when he was driving! He had a long drive back to JB!

Imagine that … FR drove 500km to see the dentist, got his transformed smile … then drove 500km back home again … all in ONE DAY.

FR you are amazing! 😉

Until we see you for Stage 2 of your bridge … keep smiling!