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Bachtiar Finally Gets His New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Bachtiar Finally Gets His New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Bachtiar is a very, very busy business man. He travels extensively throughout Asia as he has several companies. In fact when he walked into the clinic this morning, he told me he had to catch a plane to Indonesia later on in the day. His

Interesting Quick-fix: Dr.Kayethri

Interesting Quick-fix: Dr.Kayethri

Mrs.Sufian and her daughters are my regular patients. In fact, his daughter got her makeover done first before him :). Mr.Sufian is a high ranked officer in a government department. His lovely wife on the other hand is in the private sector. Mrs.Sufian is a

Shafiq’s Makeover before his Wedding: Dr Fauziah

Shafiq’s Makeover before his Wedding: Dr Fauziah

Shafiq before we started

We often get brides-to-be in the clinic seeking the special dazzling smile for their big day. Once in awhile a groom-to-be will also come in usually accompanied by their best friend too!

Shafiq is getting married in a couple of weeks. His best mate, Asri had done his makeover several months ago and finally managed to persuade Shafiq to put aside his fear of dentists to get his dream smile before the ceremony!

Asri came in first saying that he just wanted a check up …. he was actually in the clinic to accompany and give moral support to Shafiq! What a great friend he is, don’t you agree?

Shafiq came in next. He obviously was extremely nervous. The moment he sat down he said, “Doc, I am terrified of dental treatment. I fell and broke my teeth a long time ago. I did get them fixed but they broke and I just didn’t have the courage to get them re-fixed.”

Now that's a smile to be proud of!

“I’m about to get married and well, I’d like to look good for the wedding especially for the photos!” he said nervously.

Asri chimed in, “Yes, then he doesn’t have to smile with his mouth closed!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ We all laughed.

I asked, “Sure … so, do you want the good looking hunk smile or do you want the REALLY good looking hunk smile?” I joked.

He burst out laughing, “The REALLY good looking hunk smile!” and visibly relaxed.

I told him it was super easy … but I would have to do a clean up first. Shafiq agreed so I started with the special gel we have to soften the calculus so it wouldn’t take long and Shafiq would not feel any discomfort at all.

Once we finished, I passed him the mirror, “Wow! It’s so clean! And now we’re going to make them look nice?”

Broken teeth ... not for this groom

Of course! We only needed to do four composite veneers which hardly took half an hour. Shafiq was amazed that I didn’t have to give him injections as the whole process was painless. I checked in with him every few minutes though, “Shafiq, are you okay?” I’d ask and he’d give me the thumbs up sign.

Soon it was time for the ‘magic’ mirror …

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this … I look so different!” Shafiq exclaimed!

And he did look different.

Asri was beaming … “I told you that you will be happy!” He couldn’t resist saying.

But Shafiq was not listening … he was busy admiring his new smile ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that's a happy smile

As Lyn printed the “Before” and “After” Makeover album for Shafiq to take home, I asked him, “Does your bride know you were coming here today?”

“No … I didn’t tell her.” He said smiling even wider.

“Well, don’t say anything and just act natural … but don’t be surprised if she doesn’t notice okay.” I said.

He looked at me in disbelief. “But how can she not notice?” he asked.

I explained, “I have done this for many couples and though it is a huge, huge difference to you, your partner may not notice exactly what I did because it’s supposed to look natural. Many wives and husbands just notice you look different … perhaps happier because you are smiling more …. they can’t pin point what exactly I did. I’m just preparing you so you won’t be disappointed if she doesn’t say ‘Hey! You did your teeth!’ ” I elaborated.

He nodded. “Remember you can eat anything except stones, bones, wood and metal! Just eat your normal food and they’ll be OK. We have a 100% guarantee for 30 days anyway. That’s roughly equivalent to 100 meals so don’t worry and just eat your normal food.”

And so we said our goodbyes …

Congratulations Shafiq. May your wedding be the happiest time of your life … remember to SMILE! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amri’s New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Amri’s New Smile: Dr Fauziah

Amri was in the checkout counter in Carrefour when I met him. He looked tired and when I asked him if he was okay he smiled and said he’d been working non stop for 4 hours already. We chatted as he checked out my purchases.

Amy gets her makeover: Dr Fauziah

Amy gets her makeover: Dr Fauziah

Amy searched the web for ways to close the gap between her teeth and stumbled on our blog. Like many young ladies, Amy did not really want to have braces done as the treatment takes so long and the thought of having brackets on her

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