The Dos and Don’ts of Composite Veneers Smile. By Dr. Aaron Lai


More often than not, people opt to do composite veneers compared to porcelain because of its affordability, but extra care must be followed if you want to keep your beautiful smile. Here is a list for you to follow to keep those composite veneers lasting a long time :


-Do visit your dentist regularly. Regular check up is crucial for your composite veneers’ life span as it requires caring.

-Do floss at least 2x a day to keep your gums healthy. You do not want your gums to get inflamed as it may cause mobility of teeth.

-Do brush your teeth 2x a day for at least 3 min each time for optimal oral health. 

-Don’t use your composite veneers as a tools to open snack packets, bottle cap, or crab shells as it may damage your teeth.

-Don’t chew ice or any solid food with your composite veneers as it’s more brittle compared to porcelain teeth.

-Don’t drink or eat food that contains heavy colouring agents as it’s much more prone to staining than your natural teeth.


Most importantly, remember that everything does not last forever. If care is taken properly, your veneer and your teeth will be able to last a long time.

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