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5 Fun Facts About Teeth! – Dr. Tan Swee Ling

5 Fun Facts About Teeth! – Dr. Tan Swee Ling

Hello! We normally would share our dental cases here, hoping to educate and to provide as much information as we possibly can, allowing our readers to identify what they perhaps see in themselves, or even spotting a similiar dental problem for their friends and family. […]

KPF Team At MIDEC- Dr Gwen Gan

KPF Team At MIDEC- Dr Gwen Gan

Dear beloved patients, You probably noticed that all the dentists from our team looked like zombie with dark circles on Monday; and you wondered why. You probably tried to make an appointment on Friday and Saturday but our clinic manager informed you that none of […]

Here’s how you can make your child love dentist: Dr Mawarni

Here’s how you can make your child love dentist: Dr Mawarni

Ammar is Su’s second son. Su is our senior nurse in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah. She came recently to bring her kids for check up.

It was Ammar’s first dental check up and he was only 4 years old.

Initially, he saw his brother, Harith had dental treatment done peacefully.

Harith had set a good example for him to follow.

I love to get to know the children’s personality before I treat them. According to Su, Ammar was the independent and brave type. He was said to be braver than Harith.

So, I was hopeful he was brave when it comes to dental treatment too!

The treatment went well and was very smooth!

Ammar was very cooperative through out the whole treatment. =)

Ammar had dental fillings and teeth polishing done.

I kept praising him for his bravery during the treatment procedure and promised him that he will get a reward at the end of the treatment.

Ammar has a perfect smile now. I filled his decayed upper front teeth.

He had 2 teeth decay (caries) at his front teeth
Ammar’s smile after treatment. A small change that delights this little boy.

Since that day was the last day of Syawal. I took the opportunity to give them their ‘duit raya’ as a reward for their bravery in completing the treatment.

I do enjoy treating kids. My mission is to make them love to come for future dental treatments and get to change their mind set that it is not scary at all.

Su said they really enjoyed their dental trip this time and thanked me so much. They are more motivated to brush their teeth now.

To all parents out there, do not believe that milk teeth are not important. Everyone deserves to have a healthy and beautiful set of teeth including our little children.

A healthy milk teeth will help to maintain the space for the permanent teeth to grow.

Besides that, if they already start to have the positive attitude in taking care of their oral health, so many dental disease can be prevented.

An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure!

So, these are some tips to make your child love going to dentist that I could think of from my experience in treating children:

  1. Get them mentally prepared first before you come to see the dentist. Introduce them who is a dentist and the purpose you come and see us at least one week before. The more you remind, the better.
  2. You can show some nursery rhymes or cartoons about teeth and stress them the importance of taking care of their teeth. Do take note that you must only show the positive ones as I also could find many cartoons portraying scary images of dentistry.
  3. Let the dentist know beforehand what are their likes and dislikes. A brief introduction of their personality will be helpful. This will give some ideas to the dentist to alter their behaviour management skills
  4. Praise them a lot during and after the treatment.
  5. Reward them after the treatment. Some patients even bought some toys for their kids and give it to me, as if I was the one who give the present. I found this tip works wonders and they will look forward to come for their next visit.
  6. Be patient and avoid scolding. Always remind them before and after treatment, that whatever happens we love them and want the best for them.

Of course every child is different and parenting technique also varies. However, these are some tips that I found useful for most children that I personally had treated.

Some kids may have no issues at all. While some may take a few visits just to do polishing or teeth check up. Whatever it is, we will work together with parents for the child’s best interest.

If you have any question or more enquiries about your little ones’ dental health, do email me at I would love to hear from you =).

Terrified of the Dentist – Dr. Adyan

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