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If you were not the chosen one: Dr Nik

If you were not the chosen one: Dr Nik

If you were given a choice to choose, what colour/hue of your teeth would you like to have? a) Yellowish b) whitish c) greyish d) brownish If this is a question in any dental survey. I’m pretty sure that all of us answered b) whitish.


Dentistry, My Passion – Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

I’ll be honest here; I never wanted to be a dentist when I was young. A kid always wants to be like his or her parent. I grew up wanting to be a teacher, just like my mum and the great teachers I had in


A Treasured Journey : Dr. Dini

It took me six and half years of higher education to complete my training as a dentist. And yet, it only took nine months to become a mother.

What is a MOTHER? According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of a mother is a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

The meaning of being a mother is virtually endless. A mother is a protector , disciplinarian and a friend. A mother is a selfless loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for their children.In other words, a mother’s love is unconditional.  A mother works hard to make sure her child is well-equipped  to face the challenges in life. Being a mother is perhaps the hardest  but most rewarding job a woman will ever experience.

Being a mother and a dentist, I face a huge challenge in trying to blend the two entities.

I graduated from dental school in 2003 and completed my attachment with the  Ministry of Health in 2007.Then, I stepped right into private practice with the intention of educating our society to take more care of their oral health and throughout the years , I developed a passion in aesthetic dentistry.

I love to see people smile. As cliche’ as it sounds, smiling will make you attractive, it changes your mood, relieves stress and it helps you to stay positive. Smiling is infectious and has always been easier than explaining why you’re sad.

Creating beautiful smiles everyday is our motto. We help our patients to achieve their dream smile in a very affordable manner.

Seeing them happy and satisfied and also when there is a glimpse of their tears of joy affirm me that I have chosen the right path. This happy feeling is infectious. I couldn’t help feeling happy myself and usually it will last  till end of the day. I believe when my kids see me happy, they will be happy too.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Honestly, to me, it means I have decided to look beyond the imperfections. I care less about the mess, the noise and chaos my children stirred when I came home.  Of course I felt the guilt for being away from them and missing the pivotal moments in their life. It’s hard and tiring sometimes. However, if you do everything with a feeling of happiness there will be no task too difficult to perform.


It’s a constant struggle.A juggling act which requires good time management on my part. What I wish is, my patient to be happy and satisfied with the services I render to them and to my daughters especially Mishal, my eldest,who asked me once why do I need to work.

This is for you , Mishal.

-I work because I love it.

-I work because creating people’s dream smile make me happy and that happiness bleeds over into every other area, including how patient, engaging and creative a mother I am.

-I work because I want you and your sisters to be proud of me.

Come to think of it, after answering Mishal’s question I have this feeling of contentment, a feeling that I have managed to blend motherhood and my profession as a dentist pretty well!

Educating our patients: Dr Nik

Educating our patients: Dr Nik

Hi. If you read through all the previous blog posts, I’m sure you realize that most of the cosmetic patients or makeover patients were those who knew us from our blog. Most were inspired by the stories and were moved to read how the makeovers

Managing Cleft lip and Cleft palate: Dr Mawarni

Managing Cleft lip and Cleft palate: Dr Mawarni

Maria had a veneer done with me. One day, Maria texted me and asked whether I have the specialty to treat cleft patients. I told her, I never treated one. However, I can have a look at the case and refer to a specialist if

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