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This 31st August 2018, we would be celebrating our 61st independence day. Surely, it will be a different feeling for every Malaysian, be it in our own country or residing abroad, celebrating it this year. Mainly because of what happened in May, to be exact

Whitening Frenzy! – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Whitening Frenzy! – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Are you guilty of drinking coffee, tea, coke, or even smoking? Either one of these habits can cause teeth discoloration. And did you know that aging process can also stain and darken your teeth? Teeth discoloration can be a matter of concern to those whose

The Art of Humanity: Dr Mawarni

The Art of Humanity: Dr Mawarni

On my way back to fetch my son one day, I listened to Business FM 89.9. The topic was very interesting as I can relate to my profession. It was about ‘The Art of Humanity’.

The speaker was a medical specialist doctor. What’s amazing about the talk was, he mentioned about the need of understanding patients’ conditions and situations. It was about being humane and empathetic.

As doctor/ dentist, I must admit, we were taught a lot about the diseases, treatment options and the steps to solve problems. It involves a lot of technical work and less about human touch.

In my world, I did check ups and diagnose my patients’ problems and come with a list of treatment plan. It seems like very simple and straight forward.

Then they will go back, digest the options discussed and plan for the execution of treatment. For some people, there are a lot of things to consider before embarking on that journey.

My advice is an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Identify the hindrance that stops you to take the action and work on the solutions.

The talk had taught me to be more understanding and encouraged me to know more about my patients other than just their disease!

It is my responsibility too to help them identify the drawbacks that they are having and suggest for the solutions if they seek for my advice ;-).

As an example, patient A was diagnosed to have eyesight problem and requires surgical correction. She had been postponing her surgery because of her responsibility to take care of her daughter who was still schooling.

Financially, she also could not afford to stop work after the operation as she was a single mother. Although her vision was a bit blur, she had no choice but to earn some income at the end of the month.

So, the doctor should know and understand why she behaved in such a way (keep postponing her treatment). I believe doctors should be great counsellors and must have good psychology knowledge. 😉

Now, let’s talk about my awesome patient and her dental journey

Nonie (not her real name) came to our clinic one day with a mission to have a total makeover of her teeth.

I remember we had a lengthy discussion about her treatment plan about 2 years ago. Yes, it took her 2 years to finally agree to proceed with the treatment.

“I finally got the opportunity to come as my boss is outstation,” she said.

Time was her main hindrance to achieve her dream smile. I am sure many people are having the same issue as hers.

I was so glad Nonie finally get the opportunity to invest her time in doing the treatment that she needed.

Why do I used the word ‘invest’? It is because spending your time and money for your health is really worth it.

She had scaling and polishing prior to the major treatment. This was important as to ensure her gum health was sound before proceeding to a more complex procedures. She had decided to do teeth whitening as well.

Nonie had a few treatment done to replace her rotten front tooth and missing back teeth.

The treatment were as follows:-


  1. Fixed-fixed bridge done to replace her missing upper left premolar
  2. Extraction of the rotten left lateral incisor followed by fiber reinforced composite bridge one week later
  3. Lower valplast (flexible denture)










In her case, it is not just about creating beautiful smile. It is also to rehabilitate her teeth condition for better chewing efficiency.

As a result, the treatment will promote better digestion. Hence, better overall health and quality of life.

Always remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Ignoring your dental problem will not make it any better.

Even worse, it will lead to a more complex problem and complicated treatment. So, don’t wait too long. Because you deserve to lead a healthy life with lots of smiles! =) =)

I congratulated Nonie for completing the treatment plan as planned.

She needs to come back for maintenance which is 6 months check up and scaling to ensure her prosthesis and teeth remains in excellent condition for life.

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Which one of these cases is similar to your problem? : Dr Nik

Which one of these cases is similar to your problem? : Dr Nik

I believed that there are many of us who wish to have better teeth than what we have now. Some might want it to be whiter, some wish that it is straighter, some wanted the lost ones to be replace and the list of wishes

Filling Lost, Feeling Down – Dr. Adyan

Filling Lost, Feeling Down – Dr. Adyan

“I bit on ‘kuaci’ and the filling fell off!”   Anyone had this problem before?   You’re happily chewing on a scrumptious meal when suddenly, the filling on your tooth fall off! Or worse, even your natural tooth chip off!   And it even becomes

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