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Because you’re worth it!!: Dr Mawarni

Because you’re worth it!!: Dr Mawarni

Miss Ann came to me one day looking very shy and anxious. Her chief complaint was to fill the defect on her front teeth. The first thing that she mentioned about her past dental treatment experience was, “The nurse who did my teeth during primary

Turning a Dream into Reality : Dr Mawarni

Turning a Dream into Reality : Dr Mawarni

Everyone has dreams and hopes in life. In order to turn our dreams into reality, an action plan and execution of the plan are essential. Lyna has always dream to smile confidently with her teeth seen. She was shy to flaunt her previous smile to

Ira gets a brand new Raya smile: Dr Mawarni

Ira gets a brand new Raya smile: Dr Mawarni

Ira went to our clinic recently to improve her smile for Raya. She had been smiling with her mouth close as she was not happy with her front dental fillings.

“What can be done to improve my smile Doctor? ,” she asked me.

Looking at her previous smile, I proposed her to do teeth whitening first followed by 4 composite veneers.

Ira’s teeth before (top) and after (bottom) treatment







Ira had  a few large front fillings defect. The colour of her previous fillings were also very different and obvious compared to her natural teeth.

As a dentist, I was trained to look at peoples’ smiles first. So, the defective fillings really bothered me. ;-P

“You deserve a better smile dear & I can’t wait to do that for you,” I told her.

Ira teeth’s alignment was moderately crowded. Of course, to have a better straight smile, orthodontic treatment was another option given. However, she chose to correct the defective fillings first.

Ira’s smile before (top) and after (bottom) treatment

Her Class III incisor relationship and cross bite made the veneers fabrication more challenging for me.

Due to time constraint, I divided the treatment into 2 days. Ira had scaling and  whitening done on the first day followed by the composite veneers a few days later.

Ira was really satisfied with the result. She was in awe with her new smile. She never thought the 2 dark front teeth were savable.

Ira’s testimony =)

What a great way to celebrate Hari Raya with a brand new smile! Don’t forget to flaunt your new smile Ira! 😁😁

I would like to take this opportunity to wish every Muslim, Happy Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! May we have a blessed Raya with our loved ones..

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