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Teeth Whitening with Zoom! – Dr. Shanaz

Teeth Whitening with Zoom! – Dr. Shanaz

Holiday season is coming up! What better way to start the year fresh than with a new outlook on life… and possibly a fresh new smile? Meet Nora, she’s been wanting to get her teeth whitened for the longest time. All she needed was just…

Making a difference through YOUR smile: Dr Mawarni

Making a difference through YOUR smile: Dr Mawarni

Razi works as a senior executive in one of the prestigious company in Kuala Lumpur. Being a simple minded man, he actually quite comfortable with his self-image despite losing many of his front teeth due to gum problems. His teeth became shaky and eventually need…

Bringing Life Back To Her Smile : Dr. Dini

Bringing Life Back To Her Smile : Dr. Dini

Have you ever look in the mirror and keep staring at it and suddenly you realized that your smile is dull? You have a perfect set of teeth yet you are hesitant to flash it to the world because you feel it’s dull?

This is the case of Sabrena. She came to our clinic last week and asking about dental treatment that can brighten the teeth. I did the routine examintaionand suggested her to do Zoom! Whitening treatment and followed with re-doing her old composite fillings.

I showed her my previous cases that I saved on my handphone and after scrolling few pictures, she agreed to the treatment plan.

Sabrena before. Yellowish shade of teeth and discolored old composite fillings.

We started the treatment with scaling and polishing followed with Zoom! Whitening procedure. It was an hour procedure and through out the process, Sabrena did not felt any pain or sensitivity at all. She was all smiling when the treatment ended. She was smiling wider when she saw her own reflection in a mirror that I handed to her. 🙂

The result after the Zoom! Whitening treatment.

After that, it was an easy stage for me. I removed her old composite filling and sculptured the new filling on the tooth as though it was her tooth and not a filling!

Sabrena’s brand new smile!

It was a 3 hour procedure for Sabrena, though it was long, but her wide smile when she looked in the mirror proved it was worth it.

This is what I call, bringing the life back to a smile!


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