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Raya smile for Ara: Dr Mawarni

Raya smile for Ara: Dr Mawarni

As a young, vibrant and successful career woman, Ara felt her life was still incomplete.  She was unhappy with her uneven and discoloured front teeth. “I just want to know what can be done to improve my smile,” she said as she pointed to her…

Lighting up the dark tooth – Dr. Adyan

Lighting up the dark tooth – Dr. Adyan

About 2 months ago, one lovely patient came in to have a check-up on her teeth and she wanted to know what treatments should be done for her teeth. This is why it’s important to have a dental check-up and consultation. Each patient is different…

A Nightmare With Happy Ending – Dr Gwen  Gan

A Nightmare With Happy Ending – Dr Gwen Gan

It was a fine Monday morning when I received an email from a patient who was concerned about her teeth.

The concern had been haunting her for the past five years and it became her most dreadful nightmare. She could no longer bear with it and hence decided to put in action to solve her nightmare.

Anne met a MVA (motor vehicle accident) five years ago. One of her lower front tooth was knocked out of position (subluxation of tooth). Since then, the tooth grew longer and Anne started to notice spaces in between her lower teeth.

As a super beautiful successful young engineer, this obviously was something that was very upsetting for her. Hence, she started to research about getting help to fix her teeth.

We had a tele-conversation prior to her appointment at the clinic and she thought that I should be able to help her and there she came.

The first appointment mainly was to do examination and investigation for us to work out treatment plan for her. Few treatment options were proposed and we set up dates to dive into the journey of fixing her teeth.

Root canal treatment was first performed to clear the infection before any cosmetic work.

For her makeover, Anne opted for composite veneers to fix her lower teeth.

We completed everything within 10 days which we both considered fast. Anne was very committed to fix her smile ASAP as she could no longer bear with it anymore.

For something that haunted her for 5 years, she was very proud of herself that she step out of her comfort zone and got it fixed.

As for me, as usual, I am most happy that I was able to help her to gain confidence.

On top of that, I gain a new friendship again! We promised to meet up for coffee whenever she come to Publika as the chair time was just not enough for two of us to talk. Oops, that’s the trouble when your dentist is too talkative. @.@

For any inquiry, feel free to drop me an email at ganshouwan@drfauziah.com or give me a call at 03-6206 3068.

The Dark Tooth – Dr. Adyan

The Dark Tooth – Dr. Adyan

Have you seen one tooth turning darker than other tooth? This is called a discoloured tooth, which can happen for multiple reasons. The tooth could have been traumatized when you suddenly fell and knocked your tooth, or you had a root canal treatment done on…

Never retire from smiling: Dr Mawarni

Never retire from smiling: Dr Mawarni

Azman is a retired aerospace engineering lecturer. He went to see me recently to improve his smile as he was invited by his friends to do part-time teaching at a college university. He mentioned something that lingers in my head until today, “Even though I…